- 6th December 2019, The Westin Gurgaon Delhi
- 7th February 2020, Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

Your Business Guide for the Next Decade

Today, Organizations compete in a highly uncertain, rapidly changing business environments for which they need to develop a range of dynamic capabilities in order to maintain growth and sustainable competitive advantage. Business environments characterized by VUCA - face an enormous pressure on an organization’s succession management capabilities, specifically the ability to effectively identify, develop, and deploy executive talent who are capable of implementing new business strategies, sensing and seizing new opportunities, and transforming the organization to meet emerging challenges.

L&D professionals carry the responsibility for knowledge and skills development in an organisation. To deliver high impact and drive true business value, they tend to mould the L&D Programs in a way that fits the changing workforce and organizational requirements to create a future ready workplace.

To become future-ready, organizations need to map the current competency framework of each job role and assess how the job will transform in the near future.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding and Building the Skill gaps through Skill Analysis Tools
  2. Creating Leadership pipelines by identifying the High potentials within your Organization
  3. Analysing the competency frameworks for each job role and making your workforce future ready
  4. Tools to assess the Effectiveness of the training program
  5. Model and Strategies for building Future Ready Companies
  6. Insights on the strategic plan and organizational life cycle to
  7. Identify the skills and expertise required in the future

Who attended:

Chief/Director/Head/Vice President of:

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Organizational Development
  3. Training & Development
  4. Human Resources
  5. Human Capital
  6. Talent Management
  7. Talent Development
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