Spend quality time with your key target audience?

Transformance Business Services (TBS) Program Formats - Our priority is to get you in the spotlight in a way that's perfect for your business & help you connect with your key target audience. (We take on the stress so you don’t have to).

  1. Exclusive Breakfast Meets
  2. Exclusive Half-Day Conference with Breakfast & Lunch
  3. Exclusive Half-Day Conference with Dinner & Cocktails
  4. Full-Day Conferences
  5. Masterclass
  6. Workshops
  7. Bootcamp

Transformance is led by the top sales, marketing & data experts to provide the customized experience for your challenges. We are highly experienced to provide you the most tailor-made and personalized services. Our bespoke events are being designed to fulfill the customized aspects of global business about the upcoming industrial innovations & help you to reach the targeted audience. Our knowledge and experience empower us to be innovative and provide you with the best services in the industry.

Partnering with Transformance Business Services means more than making the right contacts; it means being an insider.

Formats to Host exclusive Round tables for your TG Key Accounts

Why you should consider doing business with
Transformance Business Services (TBS)

Improvising Your ROI

Getting you the much-needed ROI is our primary goal and hence we focus on working very closely with your sales team once you confirm your partnership with us. Our facility enables you to invite on board your existing clients and the leads that may have drifted. We will work together to get you the necessary introductions so that you can boost your sales network.

Delivering New Markets to Target

We focus on targeting newer segments and delegates to enhance your audience interaction. Our core research team connects and helps us in bringing unexplored segments to you

Launch A New Product in The Market

We welcome ideas that can make today’s organisations smarter. We would love to create a platform for you where you can take the centre stage and unveil your new products and services to your targeted audience.

Brand Recognition & Exclusivity

We understand the importance of Marketing and hence pay keen attention to the way every brand is positioned at our summits. We at TBS offer our brands the complete exclusivity when it comes to promoting their tag lines and not encouraging the standard industry pattern.

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